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 We are proudly a relevant, casual and multi-generational church with a family feel.


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Why do you meet in a gym and not a sanctuary? To best utilize the facility that God has blessed us with we choose to build a multipurpose gym that could be used to accommodate various sizes of groups and types of activities

What do I wear? Wear whatever feels comfortable to you. Come as you are. We would be honored to have you as our guest. We have the range from suit and tie all the way to shorts and flip flops. Please don't go buy new clothes just to visit...just throw on what you have.

Will I be asked for money? During our service we have a time where our church family is offered the privilege of giving money to the Lord through obedience and worship. As a guest we are just glad that you would consider visiting us and ask nothing in return.

What about my kids? We have Sunday School classes for all ages. During the adult message on Sundays the children can go enjoy children's church or stay with the family. On Wednesday nights we offer AWANA for kids in grades K-6th grade. Students in high school or middle school can be involved in Firstlast Student Ministries.

Who are the pastors? Senior Pastor Ken Livingston and Associate Pastor of Youth and Worship Dusty Foster. For more information on these guys click here

Who are you affiliated with? We are a Southern Baptist Church, and we partner with the Iowa Baptist Convention. We support various missionaries from different Denominations and organizations around the world.

Do you offer premarital counseling and weddings? Contact Pastor Ken Livingston for further information.

Can the church be rented for a wedding? Yes, contact our administrative Assistant Jolene Livingston for more information

Who do I talk to about getting help financially? Typically this is handled by our Deacons but either of our Pastors can discuss how the church can help.

Can I talk with a Pastor? Absolutely! Pull either Pastor Ken or Pastor Dusty aside after the service on Sunday, AWANA, Firstlast Student Ministries, or any church function and we would love to talk with you. You can call and see if one of our Pastors is in the office or leave a message on the church phone (641) 892-4421. You can also email us Pastor Ken Pastor Dusty

When is the church open during the week? There is usually someone here in the office Monday through Thursday from 10am-3pm.

Who We Are

We are a real church serving the real God for real life!

We are two churches that joined together for one reach the lost! In 2004 Grace Baptist Church and First Baptist Church decided to embark on a new journey that would enable them to reach Sheffield and the surrounding communities for Christ. Since this decision both churches have sold their pasonages and church buildings to raise the capitol needed to build a new church. We now worship weekly in our new church building that is completely paid off. This building was built on faith in God and the generous giving of our congregation. As the church began to impact the community more effectively the need for additional staff arose. In 2011 we hired an associate pastor to work with youth and help with our worship ministry. Whats next? How can you help build on this tremendous foundation of faith and trust in an awesome God?


Southern Baptist Convention
Baptist Faith and Message 2000

Baptist Convention of Iowa (BCI)

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